Here’s a few testimonials and reviews we’ve noticed around the place:


“It’s a little like uncovering gold beneath a tarnished, uninspiring surface, and this book is your metal detector, leading you to the goodies.”

Frankie Magazine

“The most entertaining read about weeds I could ever have imagined.”

~ Larissa Dubecki, author of Prick with a Fork (Allen & Unwin, 2015)

“This is an amazing book! You will have completely changed your view of weeds after reading this. No longer will weeds look like hours of hard work to remove and control; now they’ll start to look more like a tasty lunch or nutritious supper… An essential gardener’s handbook.”

~ The Good Life Books & Tools Catalogue

“This lovely authoritative guide covers 20 common weeds in depth and then another 20 or so more briefly… I love the anecdotes about the history of each plant, the way they have been used in different cultures and the really excellent photographs… It is not just full of good information, but is also a lovely book to hold and use, fitting neatly into your hand and pocket so that you can easily take it with you when out for a walk..”

~ Penny Woodward

“Here’s a great book for all gardeners sick and tired of dealing with weeds. It offers the ultimate revenge: eating them! Yep, lots of common garden weeds are edible, and this handy, practical, Aussie-authored book showcases all the common garden weeds which are edible, and it even includes some recipes and serving ideas.”

~ Burke’s Backyard Magazine


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