very edible gardens, raised veggie beds, Adam’s permaculture business (with Dan Palmer) which offers permaculture designraised veggie bedchook systems, and permaculture courses, based in Melbourne Australia.
permablitz melbourne The most excellent permablitz network, a collaborative garden makeover network gone global (which Adam is a co-founder and active member of).
Costa’s World. If it was a real world we would totally move there, well if we could keep up with the pace. Costa, the ‘half-man half-hedge’ and host of Gardening Australia wrote a killer foreword for our book.
David Holmgrenholmgren design services logo
Holmgren Design Services. Our friend David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept, has influenced our thinking on the ecological roles of weeds, and was kind enough to read our pre-release manuscripts and send us some words for the back cover of our book.
ceres environment park Annie teaches workshops at (and works in the nursery) at Ceres Community Environment Park in East Brunswick, and Adam teaches on the Permaculture Design Certificate there too. An eco-oasis.
weedy connection In Sydney? Get onboard one of our friend Diego’s excellent workshops, or check out the extensive website at Weedy Connection.