Adam and Annie foraging

Upcoming Edible Weed Walks and Workshops in (and around) Melbourne

The following workshops are $30 ($22 concession). Click the links for more info and to book.

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If you’d like to enquire about booking us for your event, contact us here.

Check out other great workshops at the Very Edible Gardens website including the Permaculture Design Certificate and Appropriate Technology workshops.


Edible Weed Walk Testimonials

“I’m still not sure I can thank you enough for the informative weed walk that I enjoyed so much. So much more than a walk! And the notes – nothing short of fantastic. Thank you!” ~ Brigitte

“Thank you for a life-changing two hours! Our species is ridiculous to have lost this knowledge!” ~ Yolanda

“I came to your Edible Weeds Walk recently – it blew my mind, to put it lightly! I’m a complete convert and want everyone I know to do your course!” ~ Jo

“Your walk was amazing! I learnt so much.” ~ Rita

“We have been harvesting weeds daily and are quite addicted to chickweed and dandelion salad!” ~ Marianne

bill's hat“I really enjoyed today’s walk and when I came home later saw the weeds in my garden with completely new eyes. Have passed on my enthusiasm to at least six people. Thanks again for being an engaging and inspiring teacher.” ~ Rebeka

“Thank you for giving an opportunity to look at life a little differently… I am outdoors a lot more these days with my health being really good after I have started to consume more weeds.” ~ Meenu

“We were delighted to make your acquaintance last Sat. We were amazed at your depth of knowledge of weeds and found your delivery of it to be most engaging, infectious and humorous. We certainly have a new respect and appreciation of your beloved weeds and find myself constantly scanning the garden or anywhere else spotting and identifying these misunderstood plants – which I now refuse to consider in a negative sense.”

“I am writing to let you know how helpful and rewarding I found yesterday’s weed walk and your talk. This afternoon I found wild brassica (in abundance), mallow, dock, dandelion, plantain, blackberry nightshade, amaranth, nasturtium, wild onion, wild lettuce and fat hen, all in about 15 minutes.  I collected a hatful and I am putting most of the weeds into a pie with spinach, onion and garlic with filo pastry for tonight’s dinner!” ~ Bill (Pictured right: Bill’s hat! From Sixth in Line blog.)

“I loved the workshop, it really fuelled my enthusiasm and I can’t wait to go foraging!” ~ Zoe

Note: You can find information about Adam’s weed walks and lots of other great workshops at the Very Edible Gardens website.